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The Nationalisation of The Railways in The Early Republican Period: The Anatolian Railways and The Purchase of Mersin-Adana-Tarsus Line
When the republic was declared, there was an old railway line of a total of 4137 km. This old network was an heritage from the Ottoman Empire. These lines were constructed and managed by the alien companies and they were formed in accordance with the interests of the European capital. The development of the railway transportation was among the priorities of the republican governments for the military defense and the economic benefits of the country. The principle of nationalisation of the existing lines as well as the construction of the new networks was accepted as the railroad policy. The acceptance of the 506th law on April 22, 1924 led to the purchase of the Anatolian railroad. This event was the start of the nationalisation process of the railway networks. In this study, the nationalisation aspect of the railroads is examined. The nationalisation of the railroads started with the purchase of the Anatolian railroad and the Mersin-Tarsus – Adana line. Although the legislative regulation related to the purchase in question was accepted in 1924, the contract of purchase was only possible in 1928 December 10. The rights given to the companies based on the priviledge contracts in the devolution process of the imperial period, and the additional problems coming from the war period led the purchase process to prolong. The different viewpoints between the company representatives and the government was overcome with the foundation of a commission presided by Şükrü Saraçoğlu.

Republican Period, Nationalisation, Anatolian Railroad, Mersin – Tarsus – Adana Line, Şükrü Saraçoğl

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