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Problems of Turkish Teachers in Developing Writing Skills in Distance Education and Solution Proposals
After the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, which affected the world, searches and innovations in many areas came into existence. One of the areas where searches and innovations most commonly came across has been in education. Although the world was caught unprepared for education, countries with developed technological infrastructure managed this process in a shorter time and managed to control the negativities. Turkey, technological Although differences on a regional basis has been one of the countries least affected by the epidemic on education. At every level of education, he started new searches in a short time, and continued to continue education in every branch with different communication channels without much interruption. One of these branches is Turkish lessons. Turkish education aims to provide four basic skills. It is difficult to gain these skills at the same level as distance education. While reading, listening and speaking activities can be handled more comfortably with the mutual interaction of teachers and students, writing skills require a more difficult and longer process. Writing process; It involves a long process such as the submission of the articles to the teacher, the teacher evaluating the articles and giving feedback. Thirteen different questions were asked to the teachers during the focus group meeting held with twelve Turkish teachers who conduct distance Turkish lessons, and the answers to these questions were sought for problems related to Turkish writing skills and solutions to these problems. According to the results obtained from the content analysis: none of the participants had distance education experience; distance education has little effect on the development of writing skills; The Turkish curriculum is not sufficient in developing distance writing skills; process-oriented writing will produce more beneficial results; the necessity to develop programs suitable for distance education; It has been determined that continuing distance education after the epidemic will not benefit writing skills.


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