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Color Words in Fevâyidü'l-Kiber, Ali Sir Nevâyî's Aging Board
There are many works written by Ali Şir Nevâyî, one of the important poets of Turkish language. These works have a certain classification. His Divans were gathered under the name of Hazâ'inü'1- Me‘ânî and divided into four different categories. These are childhood poems, youth poems, maturity poems, and old age poems. This study is about the work named Fevâyidü'l-Kiber, which includes old age poems. The color words in Fevâyidü'l-Kiber were determined and examined in terms of lexicology, etymology and semantics. The examples from the couplets within this literary work were transferred to Turkish. The word categories of the words in terms of lexicology, the development stages of the words in terms of etymology, and the meanings of the words in terms of semantics were tried to be indicated.

Fevâyidü'l-Kiber, color, semantics, lexicology, etimology.

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