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Demolition Decisions and Their Reasons in the Ottoman State
Demolition decisions and reasons affect the individual and society in terms of consequences. For this reason, it also takes place in national and international law. In this sense, it was aimed to determine the demolition decisions in the Ottoman Empire and their reasons. Documents related to the subject, was obtained from the President of Republic of Turkey State Archives Directorate Archives. 271 records with a decision to be demolished were found in the archive. The documents and notebooks obtained were evaluated using the document review technique, and content analysis was performed. It is understood that there are various reasons such as ensuring public order, ensuring public order and benefit, preventing unfair gains and urban planning among the reasons. Among the destroyed places, it was determined that private property and public places such as castle, police station, mill, dam, church, monastery, school, madrasa, wall, mosque and house. It was seen that the demolition decisions made in the Ottoman Empire were taken and implemented within the framework of the legislation. It is understood that during the demolition processes, legal procedures were followed, discoveries were made by experts, and the reports prepared as a result of these discoveries were examined by the authorities and demolitions took place with their approval. It is revealed that especially ensuring public order is prioritized in demolition decisions.

Ottoman, institution, mill, castle, bakery, derbend, dalyan, house

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