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Epithets About Heroes in The Turkestan Manuscript of Dede Qorqud -A Comparative Review-
The Turkestan/Turkmensahra/Gunbed manuscript of the Dede Qorqud epics, introduced to the world of literature in 2019, contains an extended "Introduction" and a single epic. In this long section consisting mostly of long “soylamas” (poetic parts), epiteths also have a significant place. As it is known, epithet is a term given to words and sentences that complete the hero or any object in the narrative with an adjective, name or relative clause. Epithets contain very valuable pieces of information in understanding the characters of heroes and meanings attributed to the sentence. It can even be said that the epithet is an “epic capsule” containing some of hero’s basic characteristics, heroism, and accomplishments. In this article, “the epithets of the heroes” in the Turkestan manuscript will be compared with the epithets in the Dresden and Vatican copies. After the Dede Qorqud manuscripts are divided into the first (Dresden and Vatican) and the second (Turkestan) branch, depending on the tradition of narrating/transcribing them, the common and separate aspects of these two branches will be determined through the epithets. Through this comparison, it is aimed to shed light on the relationship between the two branches and some aspects of the “Oguzname tradition” and to determine the functions of the epithets in Turkestan manuscript.

Dede Qorqud epics, Turkestan manuscript, epithet, Oguzname, comparative literature

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