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Evaluation of Teaching Speech Acts Abroad in The Context of Instructor’s views
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the teaching speech acts abroad according to the instructors’ opinions and to make some suggestions to the teachers who teach Turkish as a foreign language abroad about teaching these speech acts. In this study, in which teaching speech acts abroad is evaluated according to the teachers’ views, phenomenological design, one of the qualitative research methods, is used. The interviews were conducted online via “Zoom” program and recorded with the permission of the participants. The obtained data were analyzed using context analysis. According to the study, it is revealed that the students in Turkey are better at using speech acts than the students abroad and the students abroad experience some difficulties in using speech acts. While the lack of use of the language, the inability of the students to practice and the negative transfer from their mother tongue affect the use of speech acts by students abroad adversely, common cultural elements and being in a close relationship with Turkey affect the students’ use of speech acts positively. It is thought that presenting speech acts, which form the basis of communication in teaching Turkish as a foreign language and are the most basic means of functional use of language, to the students who learn Turkish abroad in a planned and systematic way with the course syllabus formed based on the opinions of the instructors can improve the students' use of speech acts.

Teaching Turkish abroad, Teaching speech acts, Views of lecturers

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