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Research on the Influence of The Georgian Language Apparent in The Turkish Bible with Georgian Letters
The New Testament has been translated plenty of times into different languages, including Turkish. Turkish language has been written with different alphabets throughout its history. One of these alphabet systems is Georgian. One of the Turkish work written with the Georgian alphabet, known as "The four chapters of Jesus, Bible translated into Tatarian" of September 27, 1739, was translated by the unknown translator from Georgian to Turkish. İt seems that a large part of the Bible has significant similarities to Georgian language. The influence of the source language upon the target language is explicit that is explained not only with the fact that the translator was of Georgian origins but also the general translation methods adopted for translating the Holy Books. This article emphasizes the influences of the Georgian language that is found in the Turkish Bible with Georgian Letters.

Turkish bible with Georgian Letters, Georgian, Source Language, Target Language, İnfluences of Georg

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