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A Study on Animals’ Names in The Vocabulary of Dialects of Kutahya and Its Region
The Turks, who lived in interaction with different civilizations in different geographies, maintained the names that were important to them in their languages. These have been names sometimes for animals, sometimes for plants and sometimes for geographical regions. The number of animal names among these words that are included in the vocabulary of Turkish is quite high. The number of animal names among these words that are included in the vocabulary of Turkish is quite high. This situation resulted in the emergence of many words related to animal names and animals in Turkish. While some of these words lost their vitality, some of them kept their availability. Some of those reached today are used in the formal language and, some of those also exist Turkey Turkish dialects. Some of the names living in the dialects were either not recorded or also recorded, but not reflected in the Compilation Dictionary. In this context, to contribute to the vocabulary of Turkish; It is necessary to focus on the regions where most of the people are engaged in agriculture or animal breeding. The vocabulary of the societies that live together with nature is rich in terms of animal names. These are noteworthy as they reflect the priorities and values of the local people. In this study, local words related to the names of animals living in Kütahya province, its districts and villages were emphasized. The main purpose of our study is to contribute to the Compilation Dictionary, albeit a little, from the dialects of Kütahya and its region. In the study, the Compilation Dictionary, Tuncer Gülensoy's work named Kütahya and its Region Dialects and the master theses on Kütahya and its region dialects were used. First, the animal names of Kütahya and its region were determined by scanning method, and the names of animals belonging to Kütahya and its region were determined in alphabetical order, and then the names that were not recorded in studies related to Kütahya and its region dialects were determined by compilation method. Existing names are covered under separate headings according to the species to which the animals are connected and are given with their meanings. The data obtained in the conclusion part were evaluated numerically; presented in tables and with graphics.

Onomatology, animal names, Compilation Dictionary, Kütahya and its region dialects, vocabulary

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