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Creative Actors in The Context of Cultural Productivity (Nevşehir Province Example)
“The creative industry” has become an area frequently studied and studied in recent years. The culture industry creates “creative industries” when combined with creativity. The creative industries produce products in every area of the society, from craft to art, from advertising to video and from publishing to software. The creative classes are the actors that will provide the transformation “from local to the universal”. This type of evaluation, known as the “human capital” approach, is supported by programs such as “Creative Cities Network”, “Living Human Treasures, “Brand Cities” carried out under UNESCO. In the implementation of these programs, it is important to increase the attractiveness of the region or city. These practices, which are also linked to cultural tourism, are directly related to creativity. In this study, it is aimed to determine the roles of creative actors in regional development in the case of Nevsehir province. This method is based on “the 3T model” developed by R. Florida. In this context, the creative class in Nevşehir was emphasized; the place of the region in the creative industry was determined and suggestions have been made on this issue.

Cultural Economy, Creative Industry, Cultural Tourism, Creative Actors, 3T Model.

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