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Mardin Artuklu University Hirbe Halale Necropols Glass Finds (2010-2011 and 2018 Excavations)
Hırbe Helale necropolis area is located on the borders of Artuklu, a town in Mardin province and Mardin Artuklu University Campus area, which is 6 km away from the city centre on the highway to Diyarbakir province. Three excavations were carried out in 2010, 2011 and 2018 in this area, and it is registered as a Third Degree Archaeological site. The excavations were carried out on the northeast of the parking lot of Mardin Artuklu University Faculty of Fine Arts. During the excavations, numerous finds which were produced by using stone, terracotta, metal and glass materials were found, and these finds date to different periods such as the Paleolithic Period, the Late Roman Period, the Byzantine Period and the Artukid Period. The samples included in the scope of the study consist of profile bowl fragments, oil lamp fragments, goblet fragments, stirring stick fragments, game stones and bracelets selected from glass materials unearthed in Hırbe Helale necropolis area in 2010, 2011 and 2018. This study aims to reach the first scientific data on glass materials unearthed during these excavations. The mentioned materials were evaluated typologically and chronologically in the light of the parallel straits that were determined as a result of the general stratigraphy of Hırbe Helale necropolis area and literature research. The parallel samples determined as a result of the literature research and excavation data revealed that the glass finds originate from the Late Roman and Byzantine Period. For this reason, the detection of glass finds dating to the Roman and Byzantine Periods in Hırbe Helale necropolis area is important in terms of providing detailed information about the glass container forms that were an essential part of the social life of the city.

Archaeology, Roman Period, Byzantine Period, Glass.

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