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Exonym Names Given and Armenia for Eastern Anatolia Region
Through geographical names, we know about, explain, name and make sense of space. The process of naming a geographical space, which is a consequence of conscious acts, is a process where social, historical, geographical, administrative, ideological or economic causes and relationships are effective. Regarding the states of geographical denominations that are performed, the concepts of endonym and exonym provide information. Denominations made from outside by strangers for a geographical place are defined as exonym denomination. Written sources with Near Eastern and Hellenistic origins that provide information on the Eastern Anatolia Region, which has stayed within the periphery of great civilizations throughout the historical process, have given it various names based on their understanding of the region. In the aforementioned works which discuss the physical properties and political structure of Eastern Anatolia, no geographical denomination is carried out by referring to any ethnic group. The process of gathering information on Eastern Anatolia which started with Akkadian and Assyrian sources continued with Persian and Hellenistic sources. All works with Near Eastern and Hellenistic origins gave names to the region which were in the exonym category. The main purpose of this study is to examine the Eastern Anatolia Region on the basis of its historical geography and investigate the exonyms it has carried, the ancient name of Armenia among these names which has become the name of an ethnicity in the international literature today, its origins, exonym meaning and historical process. By starting with Akkadian sources and using Assyrian, Persian and Greek written sources as the main source of reference, a historical geography study supported with modern sources and name analysis are carried out.

Eastern Anatolia, Armenia, toponomy, exonym

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