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General Situation in The Sanjak of Ertugrul During the National Struggle
Sanjak of Ertuğrul, the center of Bilecik and consisting of Söğüt, Yenişehir and İnegöl districts, experienced quite troublesome days during the National Struggle due to its strategic importance and became a key place especially in the north wing of the Western Front. Ertuğrul where we see the regional resistance that started in Anatolia following the occupation of Izmir, reported that it joined the National Struggle in September 1919. In this period Kuva-yı Milliye units which were formed due to the fact that the state was insufficient to provide public order were also interested in protecting the life and property of the people, ensuring peace and being against the banditry. The fact that the gendarmes were stuck between suppressing rebellions behind the front and fighting the enemy created this situation. Following the establishment of regular army Ertuğrul group which is under the command of Miralay Kazım (Özalp) Bey took the place of Kuva-i Milliye units that provides its financial source from donations collected from the public. During the transition period to the regular army as in many places there were also problems with the collection of donations and fugitive incidents in this district. In the period of occupation, it was tried to be opposed to the looting movements of Armenians and Greeks living in the region. Besides, people who abandoned their homeland and started to migrate to the inner parts were also dealt. Concerning the public order, there were problems caused by the deprivation of weapons, and the robberies of those who escaped from prisons were frequently encountered. In this study which will handle the public order incidents in the Sanjak of Ertuğrul during the National Struggle the measures taken or to be taken against these events will be emphasized.

National Struggle, Ertuğrul, Bilecik, occupation, public order

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