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From the Perspective of Literary Historiography Ahmet Kabakli’s Turkish Literature
There has always been a great interest in the phases of Turkish literature from the beginning to the present, the works that are a reflection of the thought world of the Turkish nation and the personalities that mark the periods, in short, the cultural memory of the Turkish nation, the language and literature accumulation. In order to record all these values in various genres and styles and to leave these documents to future generations, the tezkire created by the poets of Divan literature are of great importance. In the last century of the Ottoman Empire and in the first years of the Republic, the foundations of creating a history of literature in a real sense were laid with the work on writing the history of Turkish literature. Modern-style literary historiography in Turkey gained great momentum with the work of Mehmet Fuad Köprülü, and important studies and researches on this subject paved the way for the writing of many modern-style literary histories in Turkey. One of the valuable works of Turkish literature in terms of Turkish literature is Ahmet Kabakli's Turkish Literature.

Mehmet Fuad Köprülü, Literary history, Ahmet Kabaklı, Turkish literature

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