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Wooden Sermon Platforms in of District of Trabzon
Westernization, which corresponds to the last two hundred years of the Ottoman Empire, marks the alienation tendency and practices showing its effect in many areas; one of the areas in which that can be seen most clearly is architecture. In this period when the decoration was especially differentiated, the buildings adapted to the dynamism that coluld be seen in interior and exterior architectural elements. One of the cities where a change in style that was effective in Istanbul, the capital of the period, and then spread to all of Anatolia, was experienced, is Trabzon showing a unique development line with examples of provinces as well as urban architecture. In this article, which focuses on examining the traces of western styles on rural samples through the sermon platforms in the liturgical works group in Of district, the nine sermon platforms, reflecting the changing stylistic features, were examined in terms of their typology and decorations, and were evaluated in terms of both its period and its place in the architecture of the region. The change in the style of decoration that makes the western styles noticeable in these wooden sermons, which have been brought to architecture with two different typologies, has been provided with the intensive use of ornamental elements such as still life patterns, tulips, S-C folds, decorative arches, grape bunches, determination of the borders of the ornaments by giving them in panels or belts, and the composition of the area by blending it with geometric and herbal elements.

Style Change, Baroque, Rococo, Eclectic, Wood Art.

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