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An Example of The Opposition of The Union During the Armistice Period: to Bring the Issue of Yakup Cemil to The Agenda Again
Yakup Cemil Bey, one of the famous members of the Union, was arrested and executed on the grounds that he defended being made an individual peace treaty with Britain in the years of World War I and organized a coup against the Unionist government in order to realize this idea. In this behaviour of Yakup Cemil Bey, being refused of his request for the promotion of his rank by the Minister of War, Enver Pasha, also had an effect. After his execution the government put on his family a salary. After the signing of the Mondros Armistice on 30 October 1918, his family applied to the government on the grounds that the salary they deserved was not tied to them as the family of Yakup Cemil Bey, whom they claimed was the rank of a district governor (Lieutenant Colonel). Similarly, his brothers demanded compensation for their losses by claiming that their trade had been blocked during and after the execution process. After long investigations, the claims of the family and the brothers did not reflect the truth. In fact, the family wanted to benefit from the anti-union air during the armistice period. This situation was supported because it was in line with the policies of the government, which was against the anti-union. But in the end, when Yakup Cemil Bey was executed, it was detected that he had been in the rank of substitute major, not the district governor and his family had been assigned a suitable salary with his rank.

The Ottoman Special Organization, Yakup Cemil Bey, the Committee of Union and Progress, Court Martia

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