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Uses of -(y)AcAK Suffix in the Meaning of “Incompetency” Modality in Turkish
In Turkish, -(y)AcAK suffix states the meaning of incompetency modality in some of its uses in participle constructions and main sentences. The participle organizations constitute the noun that declares a status within the family, society or institution, the verb ol- with -(y)AcAK (olacak) that makes this name the verb and the complement depending on the participle. In these organizations, a complement is a name or an adjective that is related to the name that declares status and again indicates status. The meaning of incompetency is mostly determined by these nouns or adjectives. -(y)AcAK suffix is molded with “bir de” language unit when used in main sentences. Similarly, in the main sentences with -(y)AcAK suffix, the incompetency of a noun that states status is revealed. In these structures, the events that have actually happened are not considered to be realized but are redesigned and presented as a potential with the future tense suffix -(y)ACAK. The events presented in potential form with the future tense suffix -(y)AcAK are also conveyed with meanings of incompetency. However, adverbs such as “moreover, so-called, so-called, supposedly” and interjections such as “boo, alas, pity” can also be added to these structures with their reinforcing function.

Turkish, Future Tense, -(y)AcAK, Incompetency, Modality.

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