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Elements of Folk Culture in Nevzat Kösoğlu's Book “Chasing Past Tense or What the Preacher Said’’
Literature, whose subject is human, includes almost every feature of nations, from the way they live, to the way they hear and think about life. In this aspect, it has the ability to be both a carrier and a protector of cultural elements. Considered the mirror of life, one of the closest types of literature to life is undoubtedly the type of memoir. The works given in this genre bear witness to history, strengthen the connections of new generations with the past by being the bearer of culture, which is a whole of national and spiritual values. This has made memoir works extremely important from the point of view of folklore. As a matter of fact, the related works have the property of being a unique source of materials from the point of view of folk culture. Nevzat Kösoğlu's memoir, The Pursuit of the past tense or what the preacher said, is also a very rich work in terms of containing folk culture material. Ispir and its region, which are the subject of the work, are also a virgin geography unique to folk science. Since many elements of folk culture belonging to this geography are reflected in the relevant book, The Book has been tried to be studied in this direction. It was asked to convey the importance of the work from the point of view of folklore by revealing the suitability of the work for the material sought, the fact that it has material and spiritual values about the town in each line.

folk culture, memoir review, memoir and folk culture, folk science.

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