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Determination of Dental Practices in Postgraduate Theses on Folk Medicine and Evaluation of These Practices on The Basis of Dentistry
Mankind, who was created as a perfect being, resorted to different ways to get rid of or be protected from diseases from birth to death, sought remedies, and worked on their treatment. When there was no doctor or it was difficult to go to the doctor, when modern medicines were not available, he turned to traditional treatment methods. These traditional treatment methods and procedures, which are given different names such as folk medicine, folk medicine, folk medicine, traditional medicine, medical folklore, have passed through ancient times, passed down from generation to generation, and have given materials to modern medicine. Folk medicine, which is an important part of the culture to which it is affiliated, has used tools such as plants, fruits and metals that emerged as a result of experience and tradition to treat various diseases. Society has produced solutions according to how it diagnosed the disease. Of course, there are serious differences between the cause and perception of the disease in folk medicine and the diagnosis, treatment and perception of modern medicine. In this study, traditional dental treatment methods and applications in graduate theses on folk medicine were determined, and the content analysis of the obtained data was made and herbal, animal and mineral substances used in dental treatment were determined. Relevant applications have been brought together under each item heading. A scientific interpretation has been made about why these substances used in applications may have been used. During the evaluation, there was no opinion that these practices among the public were right or wrong. It is only aimed to bring a scientific perspective to the purposes of using herbal, animal and mineral substances used in dental treatment by the public.

folk medicine, dental treatment

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