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About the Word “Keleci”
The linguistic relationship between Turkish and Mongolian has been researched in the context of the Altaic Language Theory for a hundred years, and new studies have revealed important clues to understand the relationship between the two languages. The interaction between Turkish and Mongolian, which started in the period of the Altaic Language Union, has reached today through the historical process in terms of the coexistence of both languages side by side and sometimes intertwined. As a result of the time Turkish and Mongolian have spent together as a dialect of "Altaic language", these two languages still have many common principles both in terms of words and forms. One of these words is “keleci” which is the subject of our study. The origins of the “keleci”, which is still used today in Anatolian dialects and modern Turkish dialects with different phonetic variants, have been mostly based on Mongolian in etymological studies. The historical texts and dictionaries of Turkish reveal that the word “keleci'' has been used since the Old Turkish until today, and it is mostly used in almost all historical Turkish dialects with close meanings such as “words, conversations, speech, and stories.” In this study, in the light of the data obtained through the literature review, the explanation of the word "keleci" in the etymological studies/dictionaries is emphasized. Also, evaluations were made over the uses of the word, which show the lexical and syntactic differences of the word, through the works reflecting the general characteristics of these periods on the basis of historical Turkish dialects.

Turkish, Mongolian, Keleci, Linguistic Relationship, Historical Turkish Dialects

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