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Creation Process of Seyfettin Özege Library with Archive Documents
Seyfettin Özege, known as a book collector and book lover, decided to donate thousands of publications that he had accumulated for years after meeting with Ataturk University faculty member Niyazi Akı in İstanbul. The purpose of this study is to examine how the donation process took place with the correspondence of Atatürk University with Özege and what kind of studies were carried out at the University after Atatürk decided to donate Özege's library to Atatürk University. The scope of the archival records mostly consists of applications for the studies carried out to fulfill the conditions proposed by Özege with the donation decision. As the primary sources of information, through these archival records, information will be provided on how the Seyfettin Özege donation library was established, what processes it went through, how its catalog was prepared, and what kind of studies are done about the catalog. Document analysis method was used to evaluate the data used in the study. The archive of Atatürk University was used to obtain the documents that source the data. The correspondence sent by Atatürk University to Özege are listed in chronological order and the appropriate ones are evaluated in line with the purpose and scope of the study. The scope of the study does not include the letters sent by Özege to the university in this process. In the line with the findings reached, it has been revealed how Atatürk University and its library have taken a course in line with the conditions, how the catalog has been prepared and what has been done to put the collection into service.

Seyfettin Özege collection, Atatürk University, Collection donation process

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