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General Features of The Mecmû‘a-i Hikâyât of Hoşyâr Kadin
Mecmua-i Hikayat is written by Hoshyar Kadin, who is the second wife of II.Mahmud, in the 19th century. It is a literary work of compiled stories. Mecmua-i Hikayat,which is the continuation of the tradition of Ferec Ba‘de’s-Sidde and Cevami‘u’l-Hikayat,includes stories derived from various works. Except for the proportion of the compiled storiesand titles mentioned, the source of the work is not known. It is observed that the content and language application of the work belongs to differentcenturies and there are some orthographical inconsistencies. The reason of these differencesand inconsistencies is considered to be due to the fact that the author learned Turkish as asecond language and these variations unearth the characteristics of the accent or process oflanguage learning. There is contradicting information in various sources about key facts and the author of thework. This study attempts to highlight the contradicting information about the author in thelimited number of sources and also the misinformation about the key facts of the work. Theauthorial information, properties of the manuscript, the position of the work in the storytradition, summaries of the stories, and the general writing features constitute the sections ofthe study.This work, written by a foreigner who later acquired Ottoman Turkish in the 19th century, isappreciated due to its richness in language and through this study, it is aimed to establishbasic body of knowledge about the work and the author.

Hosyar Kadin, Mecmu‘a-i Hikayat, Ottoman Turkish, traditional story corpuses, manuscript

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