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Woman in Alvarli Muhammed Lutfî Efendi's Work Named Hulâsatü'l-Hakayik
Mohammed Lutfi Effendi (1868-1956), a sufi poet, was an imam before and after the First World War, and resisted enemy forces during the occupation of Erzurum. Lutfî Efendi who had seen The Ottoman Russian War (referred to as the 93 War), the First World War, and the War of Independence, collected his poems on desperation of people, especially women in his Divan under the name of Hülâsatü'l-Hakayık and Mektûbât-ı Hâce Muhammed Lutfî. In this study, it was decided to examine the work named "Hulâsatü'l-Hakayık" by Alvarlı Muhammed Lutfî Efendi because there are many verses related to women in the work. The aim of the study is to examine and evaluate the issue of women in the work named "Hulâsatü'l-Hakayık" by Alvarlı Muhammed Lutfî Efendi. In this context, in the work titled “Hulâsatü'l-Hakayık”, which concepts are used about women and what are the meanings of the concepts are questioned. The research was carried out according to the descriptive method based on the qualitative approach; document review was used as the data collection technique. The data obtained were analyzed and interpreted by content analysis. In the research, the work named “Hulâsatü'l-Hakayık” was scanned and the names related to ana / ane (mother), mother, sister, woman, wife ( husband), mader (mother), nisa (woman), nisvan (women), umm (mother), zen (wife) (Aişe, Amine, Asiye, Fatımatü'z-Zehra /Zehra, Hadicetü’l-Kübra, Havva, Leyla, Meryem, Şirin, Ümmühan, Züleyha) and expressions about women were determined. In the first review categories based on obtained names and expressions were created. The work titled “Hulâsatü'l-Hakayık” was examined for the second time, couplets and verses with concepts related to women were identified and these were classified according to their themes. Afterwards, content analysis of the couplets were made and interpreted. As a result, in the work named "Hulâsatü'l-Hakayık" it has been determined that there are many couplets about the birth of Prophet Muhammad and the death of his holiness Hüseyin, and female story heroes such as Leyla and Şirin are also mentioned with Sufism.

Alvarlı Muhammed Lutfî Efendi, Hulâsatü'l-Hakayık, Woman, Mother, Amine, Fatımatü'z-Zehra, Hadicetü'

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