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Three Texts in Understanding to Unity of Existence: Hay Bin Yakzan- Mantiku’t Tayr- Leyla and Mecnun
Throughout the history of thought, a great number of works have been written that will be described as the founding text of the human seeking theomonism and reaching it. The two main aspects of human existence, different states and orientations of matter and spirit are among the primary topics of literary texts. Theomonism takes place in different types and forms in literary texts as well as founding religious, mystical and philosophical texts. In the founding literary texts of the orient-Islamic culture, the search for human cruelty is narrated in plots formed by concrete, abstract or allegorical expressions. The journey of seeking theomonism takes place in literary texts as two distinct functional spiritual forces, primarily mind and intuition. In this study, Ibn Tufeyl’s Hay bin Yakzan, Feridüddin Attar’s Mantıku’t Tayr and Edirneli Şahidî’s first and longest Leyla and Mecnun (Gülşen-i Uşşak) Masnavi and the theomonism of man the main goal is to make an assessment on the search. The three works in the study reveal the purpose of reaching certain conclusions by supporting people’s search for themonosim with different mystical and philosophical views through reason, research, reasons of love or metaphysical journeys.

themonosim. mind, intuition, Hay bin Yakzan, Mantıku’t Tayr, Leyla and Mecnun

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