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An Overview of Ilhan Berk's Poem Named “Istanbul” in The Context of Literature Sociology
The study of literary works created by the artist as a social entity with a sociological method is within the scope of the sociology of literature. The main aim of the sociology of literature is that the works addressing social issues are at a level to meet our aesthetic needs. The universe of meaning, which İlhan Berk framed in his long poem, Istanbul, was shaped on a plane where the artistic and the social can coexist. Veteran masses are at the center of this poem, which highlights the social dimension of Istanbul, one of the most ancient cities of human history. In this literary work, where the actions of workers and small trades are made subject, life struggles of people who are forced to work all day long to meet their daily needs are included. Labor and work, which admires the poet, is possible with the workers and craftsmen who make the streets and streets of Istanbul cute. Recognizing that their labor has been exploited, they will escape being exploited, but the silent masses that lack this consciousness still envy the poet with the power to change and transform. Workers whose poet took a favor in labor-capital contradiction will break this simple circle and create a new world if they become conscious.

Literature, Sociology, Ilhan Berk, Poetry, Istanbul

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