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Cyprus Orthodox Church's Cyprus Recovery Plan and Projects (1601-1839)
The Cyprus Orthodox Church has become a privileged institution like other patriarchs of the Ottoman State since the conquest of Cyprus by the Turks in 1571. This privileged situation caused the Cyprus Orthodox Archbishops to turn their attention out of the country shortly and to try to save Cyprus from the hands of the Turks. The state where Archbishops formed the first alliance on this issue was the Savoy Dynasty. However, no result has been obtained from this struggle. After this struggle between 1601-1650, the hope of the Cyprus Orthodox Archbishops was broken. From this date until 1800, an uninterrupted submission period has been entered. The new world order that started with the French Revolution in 1789 and the arrival of the Russians in the Mediterranean caused mobilization in the regions where the Orthodox Greek population was intense. Sultan II. The uprisings that emerged across the country in the early periods of Mahmud turned into a rebellion against the system of local dynasties. However, among these dynastic claims, the uprising that started in Mora with the guidance of Russian agents showed its effect in Cyprus in a short time. The Mora uprising brought a long forgotten phenomenon to the Cyprus Orthodox Church's projects to save Cyprus from the Turks. In this article, the Cyprus Orthodox Church's plans to take Cyprus back from the Turks between 1601-1839 and its re-establishment into an Ottoman institution after its failure, the Cyprus Archbishop's reaya attorney, and finally the old habits with the rebellion of 1821 and 1833 Cyprus. Their return to projects expelling Turks from the island will be emphasized.

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