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The State Men of Turkish and Mongolian Period in Sa‘dî-i Şîrâzî's Persian Poems
The XI-XIV centuries, which had an important place in the Medieval Near East history in terms of political, military and cultural changes, is a period in which the domination of Turkish-Mongolian origin dynasties was experienced intensely in the geography. This age of change and transformation has brought Persian literature to a different process in every field, and Persian literature has been greatly influenced by the socio-economic structure and political formations in this historical course. Sa‘dî-i Şîrâzî, who lived in this process, who reflects the rulers of his period and the periods before him, and one of the famous counseling masters of the Mongolian period, presents these statesmen as an factor of advice and instruction in his works with the effect of the circumstances. With this approach, we aim to evaluate the medieval Turkish-Mongolian statesmen in the poet's work from the perspective of Sa‘dî-i Şîrâzî by exemplifying the poet's poems.

Medieval, Sa‘dî-i Şîrâzî, Turkish- Mongolian Statesmen

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