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The Christian and Donor Identity of Mahperi Huand Hatun
In this study, Mahperi Huand Hatun, one of the important Anatolian Seljukian female donor and her donorship have been handled through her Christian identity. The ethnicity of Mahperi Huand Hatun who was one of the three wives of Sultan Alâeddin Keykubad and mother of Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev II was controversial. The researchers view about this subject also controversial. According to some researchers she could have an Armenian ethnicity whereas to others she could have a Greek identity. Another controversial point about her was whether she was converted to Islam or not. At the centre of all these discussions, she received the title “Saffetü’d-dünya ve’d-din” which was given to the mother of Seljukian Sultans. Among the buildings which she financed, there were a complex, a zaviya and several caravansaries. It is so remarkable that Kayseri and its surroundings were selected deliberately for her donorship and there was no donorship facility in Darül Mülk Konya which was the capital city of Seljuk State. In this context, Kayseri region should have an importance for her. In this study, the building construction financed by Mahperi Huand Hatun were handled through her ethnic-religious identity and within the framework of sociological-economical-cultural milieu of the era.

Mahperi Huand Hatun, Seljuk, Donor, Christian, Architecture

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