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A Land Where The Sun Dawns But The Humanity Dies: East Turkestan
The concept of human rights, which certain authors dub as “the idea of the century”, wast most damaged by world wars in the past century. Millions of people lost their lives or health in these wars during which conventional and chemical weapon technologies disrupted the world. However, following the turn of the century, we are facing a more destructive fact for the humanity compared to world wars. This new paradigm called “State Terrorism” and tinged with international terrorism has replaced the last century’s world wars, becoming the most important weapon manipulated by the new era actors to achieve global political goals. The People’s Republic of China is desirous of acquitting itself from the systematic torture committed by it against Uyghur Turks in Eastern Turkestan which it had invaded in 1949 as it tries to downplay Uyghur Turks as so-called radical Islamist terrorists. Uyghur Turks are imprisoned in dungeons which are notoriously called “training camps” where they will be supposedly cured off the radicalism, suffer unprecedented torture and cruel treatments and there is a campaign to wipe them off their homeland where they have been living for centuries. Today, the humanity in East Turkestan is trampled down under feet as any sign of being Muslim or Turk means a death warrant or torture. Nearly 40 million Muslim Uyghur Turks are slowly annihilated day by day. Neither the grief that the humanity endured during world wars nor the devastation caused by mass destruction weapons used in those wars would suffice to describe the humanitarian plight that East Turkestan is enduring nowadays. This paper is limited to human right violations in Eastern Turkestan and proposed solutions, given the urgency and significance of the subject matter.

Key words: East Turkestan, China, Torture, Genocide, Human Rights.

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