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A Study on Ellipsis in Suffixes, Words and Word Groups in Kazakh Turkish
According to the principle of least effort, which is also known as “frugality in language, language economy, Zipf's law”, it is necessary to avoid unnecessary structures and repetitions; the statement must be said directly and economically, but effectively. This is because it is essential to achieve the objective in the shortest way in communication. The principle of least effort states the tendency to simplify and generalize linguistic units that dominate many phonetic events such as homonyms, elisions, and haplology, and it has a wide range of research from animal communication systems to computer programming languages as well as human languages. Ellipsis, which is expressed by using various terms such as "eksiltim, eksilti, eksiltili anlatım, eksiltme, düşüm, düşürme, kısaltma, elips, sıfır tekrar" in Turkish is a linguistics fact based on deletion of a suffix, word, word group or some elements in a sentence. It is mostly seen in colloquial language and based on least effort law in linguistics. In this study, it is tried to provide information about ellipsis in Kazakh Turkish which is particularly seen in colloquial language and reflected on literary works. The ellipsis in Kazakh Turkish are classified on the basis of three criteria as "ellipsis in suffixes”, “ellipsis in words” and “ellipsis in word groups”. The ellipses in sentences were not included in the study as they will be discussed in another study.

Kazakh Turkish, ellipse, sound events, least effort law

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