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The geography can be defined as all of the physical, economic, biological, human and political realities that define and characterize a piece of earth, a region, a country. This word is derived from the Greek words gaia and gráphein. Geography allows people to make sense of the region they live in. Thanks to this science, the person knows the physical features of his / her place of residence and thanks to this information, he / she directs the style of movement or shapes his / her future. Therefore, human beings cannot be considered separately from their geography. Each region has its own geographical features. For this reason, it is very important to know where these regions begin and where they end. Every geography has its own physical characteristics, its own unique people, as well as its unique management approaches. Therefore, this information has become vital for people traveling. The mountains, cities, rivers, seas, lakes, hills and all kinds of geographical and political features of the regions have begun to appear in the books describing these regions. The angle of sun rays falling on the world is also essential in this classification and zoning, and Islamic geographers have described the known world in seven regions. The manuscript described in the article also depicts these seven regions in a poetic language.

Seven geographical regions, seven region, geography, Islamic culture, Old Turkish Literature.

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