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Ilhan Berk’s Poetics and A Text-Centered Look At “You Can’t Know How Beautiful You Were With Me”
Ikinci Yeni poem, which emerged in the Turkish poetry in the 1950s, opposes traditional poetry, stereotyped images and the Garip poetic language. Ikıncı Yeni poets aimed to create an abstract language of poetry apart from daily language, which regards the mening as a key issue. Ilhan Berk is one of the leading poets who see meaning primary concern in this poem movement. Berk, who was accused of writing meaningless poems opens some topics up for discussion such as meaning, narration and prose in poetry and opposes storytelling and prose writing in poetry. Although it is not aimed to tell stories in some of the poems both morphological properties and fictional text spread over the whole poem text, made storytelling possible. This study aims to analyze a poem named “You Can’t Know How Beautiful You Were With Me”one of his poems, which doesn’t coincide with the poetics of poetry. It is a lyric poem written in the style of sonnet in Civi Yazısı book published in 1960. Although written in a lyrical style, the poem has a traceable narrative and meaning pattern. This situation leads to the idea that Ilhan Berk writes poems which have a story and abstract poetry. Analyzing Ilhan Berk’s poem “You Can’t Know How Beautiful You Were With Me” in context of meaning and storytelling in poetry will make it possible to discuss the practical reflections of what the poet presents theortically in his poetics.

Ilhan Berk, meaning in poetry, narration, poetry

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