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Mountain Cult in Turkish Culture and Entities Connected with The Mountain Cult
Legends, memorates and epics as it’s all known are considered as remainings of myths which were told in ancient times and thus, they reflect very important knowledge about nations’ way of understanding the world in which they are/were told. In this manner, it can be said that legends, memorates and epics contain conception of world. As known mountain cult includes practices and folk beliefs. Especially probihitions around the mountain cult, brings about the fear of being punished directly or indirectly. In Turkish regions narratives it’s possible to mention of the extraordinary entities that punish people for disrespect to itself or the nature. Same entities can be seen in also different culture from all around the world. Entities imagined as harming, protecting or taboo are part of folklore as beliefs, practices and narratives from ancient times to present-day. This study aims to handle the entities that are connected with mountain cult and their archaic elements.

Demon, Extraordinary entities, Mountain Cult, Wild-Man, Alkarisi.

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