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The First Islamıc Navy and Role of Uthman
Approximately 80% of the Earth's surface is covered with water, while 97% of this is composed of seas and oceans. Therefore, it is not possible to establish a long-term and dynamic hierarchy of sovereignty unless a political institution established on the mainland rivets with sovereignty over the sea. History is full of many examples. While the presence of the navy is of vital importance both in defense and attack, this way paves the way for a great economic income with the continuity to enliven the country's economy with the secure field established. Islamic history, which is the period we will examine, constitutes one of the important references of this theorem. Because Along with 1036 cities in an area of 2,251, 030 km² conquered by Omar, the Islamic geography has a wide range of alternatives, including Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Al-Jazeera, Egypt and Libya. Offering access to various waterways connecting lines. However, this situation paved the way for some negative developments as well as positive results. Thanks to the connection lines of these waterways, there was a tremendous potential between the conquered regions and the new regions to be conquered, which would yield huge military and commercial gains. On the other hand, it was not possible for the Islamic army, which was completely organized in the form of land forces and had no navy, to create a defense mechanism against possible attacks from the sea and to create a deterrent effect against these attacks or to repel them. In the light of these developments, it became inevitable to have a fleet both to take advantage of the potential and to hold the conquered lands. Despite the fact that the state was very new, Muslims' inexperience in naval forces and the lack of navy industry, this necessity would be more dominant. Shortly after the establishment of the state, they would fulfill their desires. However, what major factors were effective under the fact that the Arab conquerors from a geographic culture dominated by desert climate had reached a political maturity enough to bring a navy to the body, how the political, administrative, social, military and economic infrastructure of these factors developed and what role did Uthman play? In our study, we will try to examine these questions and find their answers.

Islam, Waterways, Omar, Navy, Uthman

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