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Sayyid Ghavam Al-Din Marashi in The Politicisation of Shia
Shia began to be noticed as an active ideology in Khorasan in the beginning of the XIV th century and made its presence felt through various rebellions and political organisations. Seeded by the Sarbadars in Khorasan, sprouted in time and expanding its influence up to the region of Mazandaran, this movement pioneered the formation of political organisations with a religious content. Although this politicisation showed itself by the Sarbadars in Khorasan, it eventually came into being among the Marashis in Mazandaran. The authority who ensured that Shia gained a political identity especially in Mazandaran is Seyed Ghavam Al-Din Marashi. In this context, the present article addresses Seyed Ghavam's politicisation of Shia that initially emerged as a religious identity.

Shia, Mazandaran, Sayyid Kıvâmeddin, Marashis, İdeology.

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