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Two Abridged Translations of Jawami’u’l-Hikayat Wa Lawami'ul-Riwayat by Unknown Translators
Jawami’u’l-Hikayat wa Lawami 'ul-Riwayat is a work consisting of short stories about historical, religious, moral, mythological and many other topics written in Persian by Mohammed Awfi. According to the sources, there are three different Turkish translations of the work made by Ibni Arabshah, the poet Necati and Celal-zade Salih Çelebi. However, it is stated in the researches that the translations of Ibni Arabşah and the poet Necati have not been found yet. Celal-zade's translation is available in many different libraries, many of which are partial. In this study, two different translations of Jawami’u’l-Hikayat wa Lawami 'ul-Riwayat, which do not have any information about the translators, have been introduced and it has been shown that they are different translations by comparing them to Celal-zade’s translation. One of the translations (translation M) is located in the “Milli Kütüphane” (National Library) with the archive record of “06 Mil Yz A 4837”, and the other (translation H) is located in “Hasan Paşa Yazma Eser Kütüphanesi” (Hasan Pasha Manuscript Library) (in Çorum) with the archive record of “Hasan Hüsnü nr. 720”. Both are concise and partial translations of the work. The information about the translators of Jawami’u’l-Hikayat in the references was compared with the information in the introduced translations and an idea was made about the possible translators. Accordingly, in the light of the information at hand, it was assumed that translation M belongs to Ibni Arabşhah and translation H belongs to Necati. Even if this assumption is not accurate, the existence of these translations makes sure that the translation of the work has been made by persons other than Ibni Arabşah, Necati and Celal-zade Salih Çelebi as well.

Jawami’u’l-Hikayat, Turkish translation, Celal-zade Salih, İbni Arabşah, Necati.

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