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Feridun Nâfiz [Uzluk] Bey’s Aksaray Notes
Aksaray including Aşıklı Höyük has been an area where various communities, tribes, and states had settled and carried out construction activities, and destructions and sacks occurred since B.C. 8000 with Aşıklı Höyük. Therefore a lot of works from various periods and states is able to reach today around Aksaray. Aksaray which had experienced its golden age in the Anatolian Seljuk period suffered the destruction by the Mongols. In the Ottoman period, the city lost its value and reached the Republican period as a small town. Feridun Nafiz Uzluk who was keen on ancient works, examined them on side, and documented them by taking notes about them was appointed as a doctor (1929-1932) to Aksaray. Uzluk examined the Turkish-Islamic works in Aksaray, took photos of them, and took notes in his own style during his term of duty. All the documents and information he gathered in his lifetime and the notes he wrote were donated to Selçuk University after his death. Uzluk took notes, consisting of 13 pages, regarding Aksaray. In the notebook written in Ottoman Turkish, simple drawings about structures, inventory of headstones and epitaphs, and diverse information on certain structures are found.

Aksaray, Feridun Nafiz Uzluk, Anatolian Seljukides, Inscription.

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