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Bazm in The Turkish Ghazals of Fuzuli on The Basis of Originality of The Diwan Poet
Classical Turkish poetry has a relatively limited vocabulary and strict rules of form. From this point of view, it is widely accepted that the inspiration of diwan poets is limited and inevitably create texts that are repetitive. Even those who have opposed this view have developed their objections on the basis of beauty of utterance . Therefore, they accepted this claim in a certain aspect. As a matter of fact, despite the fact that classical Turkish literature is a tradition that lasts for centuries and has hundreds of members, general terms can easily be reached on any concept, phenomenon or understanding in this literature. However, most of the analyzes on classical Turkish poetry are aimed at identifying the common features of this poem. A large literature has emerged to identify the features of any image in the classical Turkish poem in the common imagination. However, it is not possible to say that there is any standard for determining individual differences and the specificity/originality of the poet. For this reason, the question of the originality of the diwan poet still needs to be discussed in various respects. In this study, the concept of bazm which can be defined as one of the cliché themes of classical Turkish poetry has been taken into consideration. And the originality of the diwan poet is discussed in the person of Fuzuli (died 1556), who is seen as one of the greatest representatives of this literature.

Diwan Poet, Originality, Fuzuli, Bazm

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