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Person Names and Nicknames in Turkish Culture: An Investigation on The Person Names And Nicknames Used in Seyitgazi Town in The Middle of 19th Century
The names of families and persons who have an important place in the study of linguistics, folklore and cultural history constitute the basis of this study. The use of the name, which allows one side to gain an identity and on the other hand, to maintain various social and cultural relations with other members of the society, has been evaluated in the Seyitgazi township example. The main source of the work is Temettuât Registers of Seyitgazi which were recorded in 1844-1845. As it is known, in the first stage of Sultan Abdülmecid's reign, a general temettü (income) census was done in a large part of the Ottoman geography in order to reliably determine the economic power of the state and the main tax sources. The said counts were done in the cities, according to the neighborhood basis, in the name of the heads of households and houses. During the census of 1844-1845, Seyitgazi, was a township connected to the district of Bilecik of Hudavendigar province. Temettuat Registers of Seyitgazi, belong to the Belen, Dere, Hoca Yunus and İki Çeşme neighborhoods, were examined in this study. In these temettuat registers have focused on the important tips that the names of the family and persons, each of which has been recorded in a house, offer to us in the socio-cultural field. As a matter of fact, in the formation of family names has especially played a role various features such as socio-cultural status, occupation, distinctive physical appearance, attitude and behavior, country and ethnic origin and it has been tried to examine them. While the origins, numerical values and ratios of the person names are revealed, at the same time, the purpose for which the names are given has been examined. It has also been found that nicknames, which are important symbols for easier to identify and distinguishing between people living together, are commonly used together with person names. As a result, this study aimed to evaluate the social characteristics and the symbolic dimension of Turkish cultural life of family and person names, which have an important role in culturality continuity and transfer to future generations.

Seyitgazi Town, Temettuât Registers, Person Names, Onomastic (Name Science), Nicnames.

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