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Disciplinary Measures Taken for Hotels, Inns and Pensions From Ottoman Empire To The Republican Turkey
People always have the curiosity and enthusiasm to see and visit more beautiful places than the place they live. In particular, the Western world's interest in the mysteries of the East is often the basis of travel or voyage. Throughout history, many travelers and adventurers came to this area with various opportunities and tried to satisfy their curiosity. After the financial prosperity of the people and the technical developments, they have the opportunity to travel more comfortably now. The East, which is always curious, is now closer to the western world than ever before. Of course, Ottoman lands also took their share of this curiosity. Both the sacred places within the country and the subject of fairy tales, Istanbul has caused many travelers to flock to the Ottoman country. Although many of these travelers were intended to satisfy their curiosity, there were also those who, of course, planned to make and seize these beautiful lands. For these malevolent people, it was a good cover for the travelers, their original identities and their intentions. The Ottoman Empire also recognized these fake travelers, and in particular it has not lost its ability to take various measures for places such as hotels, inns and boarding houses.

Hotel, Pension, Gendarme, Regulations

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