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Idioms and Proverbs in Sehî Bey’s Diwan
In the Classical Turkish Poetry present for long centuries, poets benefit from many elements from the society they belong to. Some of them are traditions, clothes, beliefs, games, entertainments, etc. In this context, one can’t expect them not to use idioms and proverbs, the most important part of a language, in their works in Turkish of the era. Sehi Bey, who is one of the poets of the tradition of the Classical Turkish Poetry and is especially famous for his tezkire Heşt-Behişt, has a Diwan as well. On the other hand, the poet is close friends with Necati Bey, one of the prominent poets of his time as well as the history of the Classical Turkish Poetry. His close friendship with Necati Bey, who is extremely skillful in using urban Turkish, proverbs and idioms in his poems and whose tradition is continued after him, affects Sehi Bey’s poems certainly. So, in this paper, we will consider how Sehi Bey uses idioms and proverbs in his poems and if it a characteristic of style for him to give place to idioms and proverbs. Thus, we will try to determine how proverbs and idioms take place in the language of Classical Turkish poets on the level of verse within the framework of Sehi Bey’s Diwan.

Sehi Bey, Ottoman Poetry, Proverb, Idiom

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