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Base, Sieve Bowl Pipe Finds in Bitlis Castle Excavation of The Year 2018
The subject matter of the study is base, sieve bowl pipes found in excavation work of the year 2018 in Bitlis Castle which is located in Bitlis city centre. Pipes, which were among indispensable items of the Ottoman social life, were widely used in almost everywhere in Anatolia in the Ottoman Empire. It is known that they were often used to smoke while drinking coffee in coffeehouses. A large number of pipe types were found with the exception of the base, sieve bowl pipes that were found out in the region called P and R 14-15 in the excavation works in Bitlis Castle in 2018. The redundancy of pipe finds, obtained during the excavation works in the castle, indicates that pipes were commonly used in the region. The limited number of semi-manufactured pipe finds with underdone soft paste gives rise to the thought of manufacturing in the region. 224 totally obtained base, sieve bowl pipes were examined in the study, and 36 pipes were scrutinized in catalogue class. The base, sieve bowl pipes, studied within the scope of our subject, were dated to the 18-19th centuries.

Bitlis Castle, Pipe, Tobacco Pipe, Ottoman, Tobacco

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