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A Masnawi Commentary Authored by Vehbî-ı Yemânî "Kitâb-ı Rûhanî Fî Şerh-i Mesnevî-i Muhtasar-ı Nûrânî" and The Poems of Vehbî-i Yemânî in This Commentary
Considerable amount of studies have been carried out on Masnawi, whose fame and influence were over the centuries and fields. One kind of such works is the commentaries that have been made for a better understanding of Masnawi. These commentaries, which were made to all or part of the Masnawi, began in Anatolia in the XVth century and continued by becoming widespread. One of the commentaries made to a section of the Masnawi is the Kitâb-ı Rûhânî fi Şerh-i Mesnevî-i Nûrânî authored by Vehbî-i Yemânî. The book in which the first 143 couplets of the Masnawi were commented on includes Arabic, Persian, Turkish poems autored by various poets, verses and hadiths, also story of the prophets. It uses a fancy language especially in the text parts of the commentary. There are numerous poems belonging to Vehbî-i Yemânî at the beginning and the end of the copy of the manuscript along with the ones included within the commentary. These poems, which are given independently of the commentary in the copy of the manuscript, are important in terms of showing the commentator’s poetical ability. In this study, Vehbî-i Yemânî, who is a scholar of the XVIIth century, and his works will be introduced with the help of the literature and his commentary. His poems which are included additionally in the copy of the manuscript will also be given as transcribed text.

Masnawi, Mevlânâ, Commentary, Poem

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