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The Mystery behind Pseudonym: Râbia Hâtun Case In Turkish Literature
In contemporary Turkish literature, pseudonym emerged as a concept arose out of the need of writers and poets to hide their real identities rather than revealing their own name for various reasons in the earlier times of literature. As pseudonyms have uncertainty, they caused intense literary debates in Turkish literature in the Westernization period. The poems signed by Râbia Hâtun, which dated back to 1930s, but first published in 1948 in the magazine named Aile, also led to this kind of literary argument. Nihad Sami Banarlı, who wrote Turkish literature history at the same era, denied the asserted claims on the deficiency of Râbia Hâtun's identity and poetry. In the newspapers and magazines, Nihad Sami Banarlı tried to reveal that poetry was not obsolete by using his literary knowledge. Against Nihad Sami Banarlı's fight, especially İsmail Hami Danişmend and people from Aile magazine wrote some articles as answers. In this study, the literary controversy between İsmail Hami Danişmend and Nihad Sami Banarlı, based on poems published by pseudonym "Râbia Hâtun", was tried to be explained and the real identity of Râbia Hâtun was tried to be proved.

Pseudonym, Literary controversy, Râbia Hâtun, Poem, Nihad Sami Banarlı, İsmail Hami Danişmend

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