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Caucasus Islamic Army's Baku Rescue in Ottoman Press
The First World War, which began in July 1914, ended in 1918. Some leaders who saw the inevitable end of war at the beginning of 1918 have begun to consider and implement alternative plans for salvation. War minister Enver Pasha also predicted that the war was about to end in March 1918. Despite several reactions, he established Caucasian İslam army, consisted of about 20 thousand soldiers and entirely muslims depending on eastern army group. Enver Pasha noticed the salvation in the East against the possibility of losing the First World War and in order to provide rescue of country through this army, he constituted a distinguished troop by putting his brother Nuri Pasha in charge. Enver Pasha wanted to rescue Azerbaijan and Dagestan from Russian occupation and to opened the way for their connection with Central Asia. The Caucasian Islamic Army which was established for this purpose won Baku Battle and entered Baku on 15 September 1918. After the capture of Baku, the Ottoman army also provided military support to the North Caucasus Republic, which was established in Daghestan. The course of the war justified Enver Pasha and the Ottoman State had to ask for a truce because it could not stop the English on the Syrian-Palestinian side. According to the Mondros Armistice, which was signed after the request of the Ottoman State, the Ottoman State had to be withdrawn from its previous borders. When most of the military part of the Caucasian Islamic Army was pulled to Eastern Anatolia, 15th Corps participated. During the period of National Struggle, the 15th Army Corps, leading by Kazim Karabekir, did not surrender their weapons at the end of the First World War, but remained as regular troops. The 15th Corps, which has proved successful in fighting against Armenia in the East, came of age and fired the spirit of National Struggle. In this study; We will aim to bring light, what wxactly was Enver Pasha’s purpose in establishing the Caucasian Islamic Army, how responded the goverment dignitaries the effect of the Caucasus Islamic Army in the recovery of Baku; and on the Caucasus front, the Ottoman Empire which the issues were conflicted with the its allies Germany, it was reflection the Ottoman public opinion through the periodicals such as Ikdam, Sabah, Tasvir-i Efkar, Vakit, Zaman, and making use of archival documents.

Press, Caucasus Islamic Army, Baku, First World War, Caucasus.

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