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Some Observations About The Nationality Problems Occurring Between Serbia and The Ottoman State During The World War I
As it is known, the Ottoman State lost a large part of its territory in Balkans after the Balkan Wars. As a result, some of the Muslim population migrated to the lands of Ottoman Empire while the others continued to live in their territories. Naturally, the nationality problem emerged as a result of this situation. This problem was tried to be solved by international treaties but problems arising from the issue of nationality continued because of the ongoing immigrations from both sides during the World War I. Consequently, the nationality problem of citizens continuing to live in the territories left by the Ottoman State and of the citizens who were originally from Balkan States but living in the Ottoman territories became one of the important issues during the years of World War I. The Ottoman State experienced the above-mentioned problems with Serbia as well. In fact, as a result of the Istanbul Treaty signed between Serbia and the Ottoman Empire on 13th of March 1914, an important step was taken regarding the solution of nationality problems between these two states. In this context some of the Muslim population living in the territories left to Serbia by the Ottoman State preferred the Serbian nationality. This change brought many problems. The Ottoman State endeavored a lot to internationally guarantee the nationality, property, military, religious and worship freedoms of the Muslims living in territories left by them. However, serious differences emerged between the real-life applications and the rights granted with the treaties. In particular, nationality matters became more complex with the start of the World War I. Although the issue of nationality was tried to be clarified with the treaties, the uncertainty in some matters could not be removed. Due to the fact that the Ottoman State and Serbia took part in opponent sides during World War I, the solution for the problems of nationality became more difficult.

Balkan Wars, World War I, Serbia, The Ottoman State, Nationality

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