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Imagery of Şem in Hacuyi Kirmani and its Reflection on Classic Turkish Poem
There are several images commonly used in both classical Persian and Turkish literature. One of them is şem’, namely candle. This image was used in both literatures just at the stage of establishment. Şem’/candle was approached either on its own or with moth and in the context of “loved and beloved”. Poets included the image of Şem’ and moth, deriving from Qur’an and Hadith, during the narration or interpretation of both mortal and divine love in their divans and masnavis. One of them is Hâcû-yı Kirmânî, one of the well-known poets of Persian literature. Forenamed poet, approached the Şem’ image as multidimensional and he ascribed it an extraordinary meaning as well as ordinary meaning. He also constituted some imageries with reference to Şem’. The poet used Şem’ with the meaning of moon, sun, sky and star, and expressed the beloved, beauty, the features of the beauty of the beloved, lover, the body parts of the lover and his or her materially and spiritually situations with the given word. In this expression, Şem’ is either the one which is drawing analogy or the one which is drawn analogy. He ascribed some special meaning to the Şem’-i şebistân, şem’-i meclis and similar expressions. Besides, he reflected several visions such as the crying or laughing of the Şem’ with Şem’ image. In short, Şem’ means different associations in the dream world of Hâcû. All of these associations, metaphors and images have been reflected to the classical Turkish poem.

Hâcû. Candle, Image, Classical Turkish poem

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