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About Kelür- / Keltür- / Ketür- / Getür- / Getir- And Olur- / Oltur- / Otur- Verbs
There have been various written languages of Turkish from the first written texts to today. All of these written languages are based on the characteristics of one dialect or some dialects and reflect the characteristics of this dialect or these dialects. Since Turks have different tribes, these written languages contain some fundamental differences from one another due to the various characteristics of these tribes. These differences are still present as the features from past to present of the tribe that constructs the written language. Thus, the traces are still present in the field of language. Taking these differences into consideration, kelür- / keltür- / ketür- / getür- / getir- ve olur- / oltur- / otur- verbs in various written languages of Turkish were evaluated on the basis of historical and modern written languages of Turkish. These verbs were analysed with regard to in which morphophonological forms they were used in various written languages in Turkish. Consisting of both the phonetics and morphology of the Turkish language, this study tries to illuminate the verbs mentioned above in the framework of both fields. Throughout this study, different examples of Turkish language were given from not only historical texts but also modern texts. It was examined whether there is a significant relationship between different usages of the verbs in different Turkish verbs.

Turkish dialects, kelür- / keltür- / ketür- / getür- / getir-, olur- / oltur- / otur- verbs.

Adres :Atatürk Üniversitesi Türkiyat Araştırmaları Enstitüsü Müdürlüğü 25240 Erzurum
Telefon :+90 442 231 13 66 /+90 442 231 11 19 Faks :
Eposta :turkiyat@atauni.edu.tr

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