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The Re-Writing of Folktales for Children’s Literature
One of the literary genres that have been filtered through the immeasurable history of mankind is folktales. There is a necessity to understand the reason behind this continuing presence in the literary and visual world, indispensable in terms of children's literature. One of the most important sources, shaping the struggle of the author, is the area of experience in writing beforehand . A writer should be aware of the dynamics that make up a different and lasting thing, the culture, and how they can pass it through their own window in their work. With creative writing, many things such as the author's worldview, technical aspects of literature, literary modes have been able to become teachable skills. Through creative writing, a method called 'rewriting fairytales/folktales' is being tried to be put into action especially for children's literature. The usage of folktales in this field as an inspiration to literary works varies depending on the literary movements and the age of the reader at the time of writing the book. In adult books, especially under the influence of postmodernism, the fairytale becomes a material that forms irony. A limited number of authors have been trying to move or transform books from the point of child literature to works written as an indigenous element. This literary treasure , one of the most important sources that can convey intangible heritage, has been replaced by foreign fairy tale characters, except Keloğlan . Studies of folktales in the field of Folk Literature and the authors' contact with this field as texts are not yet sufficient. In this article, it has been attempted to at the usage of folk tales in Turkish literature through a wide frame has been attempted to be used within a general framework for the use of tenses in Turkish literature.One of the most important criteria in children’s literature is child appropriateness of the work,in terms of language used and plot.The usage of rewriting technique in Yücel Feyzioğlu's work 'Saran and Yumart', inspired by the Tatar Turks, was used to show the importance of using academic knowledge in works aimed at children's literature.

creative writing, re-writing folktales,children literature,Yücel Feyzioğlu.

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