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Two Poets One Poem -II-
It is known for a long time that the existence of poems with same or small differences which belong to two poets in divans, various copies of divans and journals of classical Turkish literature. It is possible to evaluate some of the poems with some differences in divan in the context of nazire tradition. Some of these are the products of practices that go beyond the nazire and approach to plagiarism. Sometimes the same poem takes place in the divans of different poets because of human. It is originating from copyist, journal compiler or researcher. There is an ode which takes part in exactly in divans of Nev’î (dd.1599) and Nef’î (dd.1635). In this study, it was questioned who might belong to this poem and how the poem of both poets suddenly got inside the divan. It has been tried to determine the true owner of the ode evaluated under various haeadings (material evidence, content and style based evidence).

Nev’î, Nef’î, copies of divan, faults of copyist, nazire, plagiarism.

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