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Kanuni Reign Ottoman Empire in French Voyager Nicolas de Nicolay’s Itinerary
As a literary genre, itineraries have a plot which is non fictional, lived and realist. The itineraries in which narrator move his civilization paradigms to central position and makes comparisons with the other civilization aims to understand the other. This literary genre which deals with the writers’ life and experience is different from fictional histories and narrative genres by the realist aspect of the travel. Although it is difficult to determine certain measures of itineraries because of its close relations with other literary genres, some features such as interest, quest of excelling and passion for learning are among the original features. Western itineraries are the conclusion of the effort which aims to understand Eastern society and culture. Nicolas de Nicolay’s itinerary Les Quatre Premiers Livres de Navigations et Pérégrinations Oriantales published for the first time in 1568 is the consequence of the stated reasons. This itinerary comprises four books which complete each other. The work of Nicolas de Nicolay from Dauphine who qualify himself as the attendant of Arfeuille Senior and France’s King, consist some observations for geography and society about Kanuni Reign of Ottoman. One of the specifications of the itinerary which makes it from the alternates is the pictures made for men and women. Men and women described in dress suitable to their social position present also an imaginary world which is designed by a western voyager. With this study, we will examine the observations about XVIth century Ottoman geography and society by a French voyager regard.

Itinerary, Nicolas de Nicolay, Eastern İmagination, Kanuni’s Reign, Ottoman Empire.

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